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White Wedding Altar


We have been sending Oyster love to brides & grooms and their guests since 2021. We often customize our service to fit each unique couple.

From oysters only to caviar service, we offer all the succulent raw bar items you can dream of serving your guests. One thing is for certain, your guests will remember the live oyster shucking service at your wedding, and many tell us our West Coast Oysters are the best they have ever had! We also offer our cheese, charcuterie table displays as an add-on to your wedding raw bar, starting at $500, you set the budget. We most often serve the traditional cocktail hour after the ceremony while you are taking photos. Don’t worry, we will save you a plate of oysters! We highly recommend popping over quickly to take an oyster toast photo at the raw bar.

What’s included?

Everything! Table display and all the accoutrements like lemons, seasoned crackers, cocktail sauce, hot sauce, horseradish, mignonette, and boat buckets for your shells.  Oyster Shuckers will walk guests through where the oysters come from, the flavor profile, and recommended sauces.

Display Options?

Yes, we offer a large 4 foot ice display or you can order an ice sculpture. If you prefer, we also have a few different platter styles to choose from.

Share you oyster vision with us and we will help make that dream come true!

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